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This American Racing wheels review will help you decide if this brand of wheels is right for your vehicle. Founded in 1956 from performance on the track to bravado on the street, American Racing has been constantly innovating. With decades of heritage in American motor sports across every discipline, every turn of an American Racing wheel proves one simple thing, they’re never seem to idle.

American Racing Wheels Review CONTINUED – Are American Racing Wheels RIMS GOOD?

If you’re looking for classic look, then American Racing brand wheels are the way to go. This company invented custom wheels for dragsters out of magnesium way back in the day. Their first wheel for the road car was introduced sometime in the early 1960’s. The Torque Thrust is one of the most copied wheels ever. American Racing is still producing the wheel, adapted to modern car hubs. American Racing has maintained its pioneering spirit all through the years, and is still leading in the segments of the custom wheel market, serving racing and classic car enthusiasts. They are used on Muscle cars and American sports car, especially Corvettes.

American Racing designs and engineering features have stood the test of time. The company is confidently rolling into the future on traditional, contemporary and futuristic wheels, all carrying decades of experience, expertise and tradition. The American Racing product line is characterized by design elements borrowed from racing and by competitive strength-to-weight ratios. Their wheels come in staggered fitments, modern finishes and in both classic and contemporary sizes. Check out this American Racing wheels or rims video.

The performance benefits of American Racing wheels is in the good category, since they were originally manufactured for drag cars performing high rate of speeds. Finally, American Racing wheels are lightweight and have a durable construction, which is important for performance. See all American Racing wheels listed by model.

A list of American Racing Wheels to consider for you vehicle