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MOTEGI RACING wheels, called after Japan’s Twin Ring Motegi racing circuit, were designed for the track. As a strong fan of a number of distinguished racing collection consisting of Formula DRIFT, the Pirelli World Challenge, IMSA TUDOR United SportsCar Championship and also various FIA occasions, MOTEGI RACING’s focus on the production of excellent quality wheels brings the racetrack to the street. Their motorsports department is a real-life expansion of its currently stringent engineering and R&D departments.

Motegi Wheels – Excellent choice for Tune Inspired fans

Whether you spend a lot of time at the track or want a sporty tuned inspired appearance, Motegi Racing wheels are an excellent wheel choice. They’re light-weight, high quality, as well as be available in a variety of sizes, designs, and coatings. As we mentioned earlier, they are named after the Twin Ring Motegi race course in Japan, Motegi wheels are created for sporting activity small racing and road usage.

Motegi Racing Wheels – Quality Matters

Motegi Racing wheels are made from high-grade products as well as are developed to last, making them highly searched for in the aftermarket receiver as well as performance sectors. The firm prides itself in very carefully engineering each of its high-grade light weight aluminum wheels so they are special and strong, yet light-weight. True racers love their sleek, vibrant performance as well as modern styles, which are racy and also bold with sophisticated style.

Example of Cars, Trucks and SUV’s with Motegi Wheels – Motegi Wheels Review Continued

They look great on a variety of cars, trucks and SUV’s such as Honda’s, Toyota’s, Subaru’s, Jeep’s, Mazda’s, VW’s, Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Ford, Lexus and more.

Motegi Wheels Audi A3
Motegi Wheels VW Golf
Motegi Wheels BMW 430i
Motegi Wheels Subaru Outback

View How Motegi Wheels Look on Your Vehicle

Motegi Wheels Pricing

Motegi wheels are prices anywhere between $115 to $260 per wheel depending on your vehicle. To get an accurate price, please see a list of Motegi racing wheels for sale.

List of Motegi Wheels to Consider