Review for Cooper Tires | Are Cooper Tires Good?

In this review for Cooper tires we’ll explain the wet, dry, winter/sport, comfort and longevity of this popular brand tires. Cooper’s beginnings go back to 1914 with the production of tire patches. They produced tire cement as well kits used to repair tires in Ohio. In 1915, this company was established, and in 1917 was moved to Findlay, Ohio, where Cooper is headquartered to today. The company has been creating tires under the Cooper Tire and Rubber Company name given since 1946, with over 10,000 workers globaly.

As an American firm with an international footprint, Cooper has operations in a loads nations and distributes tires worldwide, with a primary focus on auto and also light vehicle replacement tires in North America. In addition to the front runner Cooper line, the company has Melksham, England-based Avon Tyres Limited, as well as Dick Cepek Performance Tires and Wheels.

Are Cooper Tires Good?

Cooper tires are a solid option for drivers looking for budget-friendly replacement tires without breaking the bank. While it’s not the largest manufacturer in the tire sector, Cooper is still affordable with Goodyear as well as Michelin. Numerous consumer evaluations discuss brand commitment, with some vehicle drivers buying Cooper tires for over 20 years with few grievances. Nevertheless, other testimonials mention problems with Cooper tires walk life.

Are Cooper Tires Made In USA?

Cooper Tires manufactures its tires in three various states, supporting neighborhood economic situations. They have production facilities in Findlay, Ohio, Texarkana, Arkansas, as well as Tulepo, Mississippi. Cooper likewise operates a center for generating components of tires in Clarksdale, Mississippi.

How Good Are Cooper Tires?

We have rated Cooper tires most popular tire models and came up with the following results. Wet performance, this brand comes in at 9.1 which is excellent. Dry performance they are excellent giving it a 9.1. As far as Winter/Snow performance they are good, coming in at 6.6. Comfort, good a rating of 7.9. For tread wear performance, they are good and given a 7.5 out of 10.

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Are Cooper Tires Good Quality?

Cooper tires ranks at 4.8 out of 5.0 in quality, which is good considering their affordability. Cooper tires are named the manufacturer the Most Affordable tire firm in today. Its rate factor, variety of substitute tire options, and concentrate on safety and security make Cooper a solid option for most motorists. Nevertheless, Cooper tires might not be one the most durable on the market but they still are good quality tires considering their lower price.

Some Cooper tires to consider:

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