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In this Sparco wheels review you will find out about design, quality, appearance, performance and other factors of this wheel brand. In 2009, Sparco as well as O.Z. Racing announced their partnership leading to a special collection of wheels featuring both business’ Italian layout heritage and motorsports history, as well as their dedication to using the best products and O.E.M construction technologies. O.Z.’s accredited Sparco wheels are TÜV certified and also evaluated utilizing the LBF biaxial test. This extensive testing treatment runs each wheel through a 15,000 km cardiovascular test imitating the driving problems of the Nürburgring circuit to ensure top quality as well as safety and security are constructed into every Sparco wheel.

Are Sparco wheels good?

To answer the question directly, do you know how many thousands of people probably drive on Sparco wheels? They’re fine. They aren’t forged and they’re not as “good” as an OZ or an SSR or something like that but there are very good quality wheels. Sparco Wheels are another excellent brand name that benefits from by developed and dispersed by the wheel gods at OZ Racing in Italy. Sparco and OZ Racing formed a famous partnership to produce a collection of alloy wheels that are track prepared however also suitable for day-to-day roadway use. Styling has been greatly based upon Sparco’s motorsport heritage, which appears in each design.

Sparco Wheels Ratings and Reviews

What actual customers are saying about this wheels brand are as follows. When it comes to design, Sparco wheels have a 9.5 out of 10 rating. In quality, these wheels have a 8.9 score. For appearance you can see a 9.8 proving these wheels look great. Another aspect is performance benefits and Sparco wheels have an average of 8.2 rating. Proper fit is when the wheels are designed so they mount on the vehicle without any issues and this brand bring a 9.6 score. Having wheels that install easily is important. These wheels have a 9.5 score for ease of installation. Finally, how easy are these wheels to clean? Ease of cleaning gives the wheels a 8.5 score out of 10.

A quality starting from technology processes OZ wheels are produced through Low Pressure Casting and Gravity technologies. Low pressure casting the alloy is heated at about 700°C, cast and is low pressure injected into the bottom of the mould, to the top. This process is widely used to transform non-ferrous materials and alloys into manufactured products guaranteeing a high finishing level on the final product. The resulting casting won’t present any junctions, porosity or cavities and the raw manufactured wheel shall have a fine and compact grain.

Sparco Wheels on Subaru

Sparco Wheels on Subaru

The following in a review by a Subaru owner which ordered a set of Sparco wheels. As for my new wheels, the Sparco Terra in Rally Gold looks awesome with my WR Pearl Blue WRX. I usually get compliments on my car, but since the installation of the Sparco Terra Wheels, I have had an uptick on them. When I had my new wheels installed, it was raining (of course) and rained for two days after. The wheels cleaned up great, I put some “The Final Coat” on them after I washed them and the next day added a coat of wax, so it should be even easier to clean next time.

Sparco Wheels Terra

Sparco Terra benefits from the experience of OZ in the world of WRC for an off-road race-inspired wheel. The characteristic wheel center was created to protect the disc brakes from stones thrown up by the force of the wheels during off-road races.

Gold Sparco Terra Wheels

The headquarters of the firm, where one of the most sophisticated technical solutions for product development and the production procedures materialize daily. It’s where all the wheels that throughout the years have brought OZ its fabulous fame were made. Inside the OZ Tech Lab ™ a team of designers as well as developers goes to job everyday to establish unique, innovation innovations in a mission to locate as well as test the most ingenious materials, moving all the know-how as well as experience gotten in more than 30 years of racing to its’ after market wheels. We hope this Sparco wheels review will help you in your quest to finding the most fit wheels for your vehicle.

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