Sumitomo HTR Enhance CX2 Tire Review Test

Let us begin this Sumitomo HTR Enhance CX2 tire review test by mentioning its Crossover SUV touring all-season characteristics. These tires have a comfortable ride and reasonable wear. The Sumitomo HTR Enhance CX2 tires are engineered to be a balanced performer, by combining positive on-road attributes, with confident dry handling, and sure-footed performance in wet and wintry conditions. On the road, the HTR enhanced CX2 to deliver an appropriate blend of characteristics. The ride absorbed large and small impacts without much drama, though the tire testing team did wish for slightly better motion control over repetitive bumps. The sound comfort provided by the tire was just ok, with multiple distinct tones and a medium volume especially over coarse surfaces. The steering while testing these tires, was slightly vague with a dead spot on center, but likely wouldn’t be objectionable to drivers of crossovers and SUVs.

The Sumitomo HTR Enhance CX2 is the smart choice for SUV and CUV drivers seeking a tire that’s tough enough to handle heavy loads while still delivering dependable year-round performance.

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Sumitomo HTR Enhance CX2 Tire Review Test – Continued

The testing revealed the HTR enhanced CX 2 delivers acceptable performance in wet conditions, even though it’s subjective numbers don’t stand out in this test, or for its category. These tires are likely enough to satisfy most drivers during daily use. When pushed on the track, this tire revealed a slight tendency to rotate from off power oversteer, but it was easy to detect and likely wouldn’t be encountered on the street. Under normal driving accident avoidance and emergency braking, are critical aspects of drive performance for a crossover and SUV touring all-season tire. In that regard, the HTR Enhanced CX 2 was capable and on par with the competition.

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