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ANDROS Wheels Review

ANDROS Wheels Review | Are ANDROS Rims Good?

This ANDROS wheels review should help you decide whether this brand of wheels is right for your vehicle. The Brand ANDROS wheels is named after the ANDROS Trophy, which is the French national ice racing championship. This racing series was started in 1990 by rally driver, Max Mamers. The series quickly grew, with a round ... Continue
BBS Wheels Review

BBS Wheels Review | Are BBS Rims Good?

In this BBS wheels review, we should point out that BBS is considered the leader in wheel manufacturing and engineering technology. BBS is dedicated to pursuing the highest level of technology possible and then applying this experience to the street. BBS took its first steps into the world of motor racing in 1970 and has ... Continue
Enkei Wheels Review

Enkei Wheels Review | Are Enkei Rims Good?

In this Enkei wheels review we start by mentioning that the company was founded in Japan in 1950, and has presence all around the world. The Enkei wheel manufacturer’s firm specializes in aluminum wheel industry from very sophisticated racing wheels for Formula One cars, WRC, Formula Nippon, Super GT Series, Super Taikyu and Drifting worldwide, to ... Continue
Advanti Wheels Review

Advanti Wheels Review | Are Advanti Rims Good?

Before starting this Advanti wheels review, we should mention that Advanti Racing was founded in the mid 90’s. Advanti produces one-piece cast alloy wheels for cars and crossover SUV’s. The wheels come in sizes ranging from 17 inch to 22 inch. Precision and timeless styling is what makes Advanti Wheels appealing. Every Advanti wheel is ... Continue
Are Pirelli Tires Good?

Are Pirelli Tires Good? A Detailed Review

Are Pirelli tires good and worth buying? The answer depends on how much money you’re willing to spend. From high-performance vehicles such as Audi, Mercedes Benz and Porsche to the iconic Ferrari, Pirelli is a global leader in providing top quality tires. Not only does this Italian manufacturer offer premium OE (Original Equipment) tires for ... Continue
Are Michelin Tires Good?

Michelin Tires Review

In this review on Michelin tires, we’ll cover some of the most popular and reliable tires produced by this manufacturer. We’ll also list Michelin tires for different vehicle types and driving conditions. This company has a long and storied history dating back to 1889. From racing to production, Michelin has been a part of the ... Continue
Continental Tires Review

Continental Tires Review

In this Continental tires review, we’ll discuss the variety of tire types this German tire maker produces. So, we’ve listed each in a summarized fashion to help you understand the difference between each one of these tire categories. PASSENGER TIRES MADE BY CONTINENTAL MAX PERFORMANCE SUMMER TIRES Designed to deliver the highest combination of dry ... Continue