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Advanti Wheels Review | Are Advanti Rims Good?

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Before starting this Advanti wheels review, we should mention that Advanti Racing was founded in the mid 90’s. Advanti produces one-piece cast alloy wheels for cars and crossover SUV’s. The wheels come in sizes ranging from 17 inch to 22 inch. Precision and timeless styling is what makes Advanti Wheels appealing. Every Advanti wheel is crafted with a high level of quality. Advanti wheels cater to car enthusiasts who are into racing. This is due to the fact that Advanti Racing took part in the F1 racing. Popular Advanti wheel models are the Advanti Hybris, Diviso, Classe, FS Fastoso, Lupo Series, Bello, 15 Anniversary, A2 Traktion and A4 Kudos.


Within this custom wheels review, we should first mention the design factor, since looks are important. In general Advanti wheels have a superior rating in regards to design, because of their attractive look. Advanti wheels are available in finishes which include Silver, Black Painted Machined with Gold Accent, Gunmetal and much more. For the quality factor in this review, Advanti wheels fall in the good category due to the precise craftsmanship. This is probably why Advanti wheel are appealing to car consumers who are keen on good craftsmanship.

The performance benefits of Advanti wheels is also in the good category since, Advanti wheels do meet the standard of a variety of high performance vehicles out in the market. All Advanti wheels in general do have a proper fit because they are easy to install on a wide variety of cars and crossover SUV’s. Finally, Advanti wheels are pretty easy to clean. This is due to the designs and finishes that come with each Advanti wheel.