BBS Wheels Review | Are BBS Rims Good?

In this BBS wheels review, we should point out that BBS is considered the leader in wheel manufacturing and engineering technology. BBS is dedicated to pursuing the highest level of technology possible and then applying this experience to the street. BBS took its first steps into the world of motor racing in 1970 and has since been rolling with ever lighter wheels towards increasingly spectacular successes on the race track. Today, BBS can lay claim to be the wheel of champions. On racetracks around the world and in just about every road racing category you can find BBS wheels.

Precision, light weight and maximum safety is what sets apart BBS from other wheel manufacturers. Besides reducing weight, guaranteeing absolute reliability is a priority. Light alloy wheels have long since become something more than simply rolling examples of outstanding design. A lightweight wheel improves driving characteristics, saves fuel and helps reduce the strain on our environment. The BBS wheel line is technology from the world of motor racing that can improve the quality of your own driving experience. Some popular BBS wheel model are the CF, CH, CH-R, CO, F1, LM, RG, RF, SR, SV, SX and more.


Continuing this wheels review, we should also point out the design factor, because looks are important. In general BBS wheels have a superior rating in regards to design, due to their superior styling. BBS wheels are available in finishes which include Silver, Black Painted Machined with Gold Accent, Gunmetal and much more. For the quality factor in this review, BBS wheels fall in the superior category due to the precise craftsmanship, quality, design and performance. This is probably why BBS wheel are appealing to car consumers who are keen on quality.

The performance benefits of BBS wheels is also in the superior category since, BBS wheels were originally manufactured for super high performance race cars. All BBS wheels in general do have a proper fit because they are easy to install on a wide variety of cars. Finally, BBS wheels are pretty simple to maintain if you regularly clean them. This is due to the designs and quality finishes that come with each BBS wheel.

A list of BBS Wheels to consider for you vehicle