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ANDROS Wheels Review | Are ANDROS Rims Good?

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This ANDROS wheels review should help you decide whether this brand of wheels is right for your vehicle. The Brand ANDROS wheels is named after the ANDROS Trophy, which is the French national ice racing championship. This racing series was started in 1990 by rally driver, Max Mamers. The series quickly grew, with a round at Paris (Pelouse de Reuilly) in 1991 creating a five round series; and a seven round championship in 1992, attracting drivers successful in other series, including Formula One and rally racing. Being named after a French national ice racing championship series, ANDROS wheels are designed to perform in harsh winter conditions by resisting damage from road salt and the inevitable potholes left behind every season. This makes them strong enough to generally withstand the abuses associated with driving in any season and on most any roads.


By continuing this wheels review, we should definitely point out the design factor, because aesthetics are important when it comes to the look of your vehicle. Generally ANDROS wheels have a great rating in regards to design, due to their modern styling. ANDROS wheels are available in finishes which include Dark Silver, Light Grey, Black Accent, Matte Graphite, Gloss Black, and more. For the quality factor in this review, ANDROS wheels fall in the good category due to the precise craftsmanship, quality, design and performance. This is probably why ANDROS wheel are appealing to car people who are concerned in having a quality wheel. ANDROS wheels are seen installed on Honda’s, VW’s, Hyundai’s, Subaru’s, Kia’s and Audi’s, which proves these wheels are desired by a wide spectrum of car buffs.

The performance benefits of Andors wheels is also in the good category since, ANDROS wheels were originally manufactured for cars performing in a national ice racing championship series. All ANDROS wheels in general do have a proper fit because they are easy to install on a wide variety of cars. Finally, ANDROS wheels are pretty simple to maintain if you regularly clean them. This is due to the designs and quality finishes that come with each ANDROS wheel.