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RIAL Wheels Review | Are RIAL Rims Good?

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By starting this  RIAL wheels review we should mention that this brand is has come very far during its long history in Motorsports. The RIAL wheels company is also known as RIAL Leichtmetallfelgen GmbH. This wheel manufacturer was the owner of a Formula 1 team, and has gained a worldwide reputation and still has a huge global presence in the automotive industry.

RIAL wheels are produced in Europe with they are known for their high standards in using state of the art furnaces, High Tech CNC machines, efficient casting machines and xray inspection of each and every wheel. Other quality aspects of RIAL wheels are in their special silver finishes which are trademarked. By using the most modern coating machines, and final acrylic clear powder coat, you can bet every wheel is quality.


By continuing this wheels review, we should also point out the design factor, because aesthetics are important when it comes to the look of your vehicle. Generally RIAL wheels are very appealing due to their modern and European styling. RIAL wheels are available in finishes which include Black Painted, Black w/Mach Lip, Bright Silver Paint, Gloss Black Painted, Graphite, Silver, Machined w/Black Accent, Metal Grey and Titanium Gunmetal. RIAL wheels are seen installed on Honda’s, VW’s, Hyundai’s, Subaru’s, Kia’s and Audi’s, which proves these wheels are desired by a wide spectrum of car buffs. Check out this video on RIAL wheel or rims.

As far as performance goes, RIAL wheels have a DNA in Formula 1 racing, so obviously these wheels have a high performance rating. Their current involvement in long distance races and rallies proves not just their products quality and durability, but of their products on the track.

Finally, RIAL wheels are pretty simple to maintain if you regularly clean them. This is due to the designs and quality finishes that come with each RIAL wheel.