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In this Enkei wheels review we start by mentioning that the company was founded in Japan in 1950, and has presence all around the world. The Enkei wheel manufacturer’s firm specializes in aluminum wheel industry from very sophisticated racing wheels for Formula One cars, WRC, Formula Nippon, Super GT Series, Super Taikyu and Drifting worldwide, to the OEM market that supplies some of the largest auto and motorcycle manufacturers such as Toyota, Honda and General Motors.  Enkei produces a wide range design of wheels for all types of cars, trucks and SUV’s. They actually have four different series, Enkei Performance Series, Enkei Racing Series , Enkei Tuning Series, and Enkei Truck Series Wheels.  They a have one thing is common and that is unsurpassed quality and performance for a new level of excitement in the wheel market.

Enkei has revived the legendary wheels associated with the heydays of import car tuning in their Enkei Classic Series line. Engineered to pass rigorous testing, Enkei Classic Series wheels meet Enkei’s own Spec-E standards that surpass JWL standards by requiring a higher drop point in the impact test and 20% more cycles in the rotary bending fatigue and dynamic radial fatigue tests. All Enkei wheels deliver the latest in wheel designs and alloy casting processes from their high-tech manufacturing facilities. Their testing meets Japan’s JWL and VIA strength test standards and represents Enkei’s commitment to higher quality and safety.


By continuing this Enkei wheels review, we should also mention the design factor, because looks are important. In general Enkei wheels have a huge following  in regards to design, because of their variety of designs attractive look that goes with every car out in the market. Enkei wheels are available in large variety of finishes which include Silver, Black Painted Machined with Gold Accent, Gunmetal, Red, Green and much more. For the quality factor in this review, Enkei wheels fall in the excellent category due to their great craftsmanship. This is probably why Enkei wheels have such a huge following by car enthusiasts who are keen on good quality, looks and performance.

The performance of Enkei wheels is also in the good category because, Enkei wheels do meet the standard of a variety of high performance vehicles out in the market. All Enkei wheels in general do have a proper fit because they are easy to install on a wide variety of cars. Finally, Enkei wheels are pretty easy to clean if you regularly maintain them. This is because of the quality finishes that come with each Enkei wheel.

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