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In this Granite Alloy wheels review, we’ll explain why this popular wheel brand is a great choice. Once reason is there a lot of off-road fans which love this brand. Truck and SUV brands like Jeep and Ford look great with these wheels. Another reason these wheels come in broad range of sizes. This gives Truck and SUV owners a good selection of wheels to choose from.

Granite Alloy Wheels Review & Rating

What actual customers are saying about this wheels brand are as follows. When it comes to design, the Granite Alloy wheels have a 9.6 out of 10 rating. In quality, these wheels have a 8.6 score. For appearance you can see a 9.8 proving these wheels look great. Another aspect is performance benefits and Granite Alloys have an average of 9.1 rating. Proper fit is when the wheels are designed so they mount on the vehicle without any issues and this brand bring a 9.0 score. Having wheels that install easily is important. These wheels have a 9.3 score for ease of installation. Finally, how easy are these wheels to clean? Ease of cleaning gives the wheels a 8.7 score out of 10. Watch a short Granite Alloy wheels review video.

What actual customers say about Granite Alloy

This is from a customer that owns a Ford Ranger Sport. After weeks of going back and forth not wanting to be like all the others ( with black or polish ) these made my truck stand out. Another review from an owner of a Dodge Ram 1500. Many people I’ve spoken to, love these rims, that said, they match my truck. This one comes from an owner of a Ford F150. The wheels look nice for a winter set off wheels.  Put these on my F150 and couldn’t be happier because they look great and match the blue/silver two tone paint beautifully.

Another important thing to mention since SUV and Truck owner look for wheels with TPMS (Tire-pressure monitoring system). Granite Alloy wheels are compatible with most tire pressure monitoring systems.

Some Granite Alloy Wheels To Consider